tips to prevent back-over accidents

Tips to Prevent Back-over Accidents

A back-over accident is a mishappening occur while reversing the vehicle. Kids are more victims of these accidents. As per traffic data, 50 kids are backed over by the moving vehicles weekly. These types of accidents mostly happen in parking lots and residential driveways. Drivers should be careful while reversing the vehicles. They must move very slow and keep watching around. Furthermore, the following are some of the tips to prevent back-over accidents.

Tips to Prevent Back-over Accidents

1. Install Rear-view Camera

Rear-view camera works as another eye for drivers to view rear side or around. But they should not trust it 100%. Keep checking and making sure there is no one behind. Therefore, get it installed for safe reversing.

2. Reverse the Vehicle Slowly

While reversing, the vehicle should go very slowly. Don’t speed up, or you could hit something or someone either. Drivers should walk around before backing up the vehicle. Keep watching around while doing so. No driving mistake.

3. Put Sensors on Rear-side of Vehicle

Another tech safety point is installing sensors in the vehicle. Normally all the vehicles have both front and rear sensors. But some vehicles still don’t have. Sensors indicate the distance between the rear-side of a vehicle and any object around.

4. Never Forget the Blind Spots

Blind spots are very risky places around. Bigger the size of a vehicle, more blind spots. Drivers seating inside a bigger vehicle cannot spot everything behind it. Either they should use someone to guide them.

5. Parents Should Stop Kids Playing on Roads

Parents should never let their kids go outside on roads. Working parents should make sure the kids are in safe hands after them. During jogging and walking, they should not let the kids go away. They should be within the reach of the parent’s visibility.

6. Teach Your Kids

Another safety tip is teaching kids about vehicle back-over accidents. Tell them never play behind the parked vehicles. This could hit while reversing. Advise them, not to play on roads and inside unguarded parking.

Thus, the following are some of the safety tips to avoid back-over deaths and accidents while reversing the vehicle. Always drive safely and obey traffic signals and rules.

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