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Most Common Driving Superstitions

Driving superstitions are found in society everywhere. Peoples have different ideas about superstitions. Some of them trust these and some are not. Common driving superstitions are different in every culture. Think if you have found a coin on the sidewalk, you felt lucky. There are so many, let’s discuss them.

Common Driving Superstitions

According to an anonymous survey by car sailing and insuring companies, there are many weird driving superstitions.

1. Hold Breath while Driving in Tunnels

This is the most common superstition among peoples. They close their eyes while passing through the tunnels. They think, maybe there is some type of spirit there inside the tunnel. But the question is after you close your eyes, would that spirit go away? No!

2. Lifting Feet While Crossing Bridge

Another superstition is raining or lifting feet when they are passing over the bridge. They believe that this can help them or reduce the effect of ill-omen.

3. Keep Good-luck Items in Vehicles

Another religious superstition is to keep some good luck items such as idol of god or goddesses, rosary or rabbit’s foot, tying black ribbons, etc.

4. Stop If Cat Crosses the Way

This is the most common superstition in India. Many people think if any cat suddenly crosses there will be some sort of bad luck. Then they stop there for a while and start driving again.

5. Not to Buy Vehicles in ‘Shraddha

So many people don’t buy new vehicles in Shraddha. Shraddha is a time to pay homage to their ancestors by offering food. They think buying a car, motorbike or any other vehicle in these days will result in mishappening and accidents or bad luck.

6. Holding Breaths Past a Cemetery

Some of the peoples hold their breaths while passing the cemetery. Maybe they are thinking that if they breathe some sort of spirit would possess them.

7. Throwing Change under New Car Seat

This is also some sort of superstition. Peoples throw changes under the sear of a new car. Maybe it is for the good-lick or well-being of a vehicle.

8. Sell Vehicles Met with Accidents

Another superstition is to sell that vehicle which has met multiple accidents. People don’t like to drive in that vehicle. They think the iron used in that vehicle is bloodsucker and could meet accident any time.

9. Other Driving Superstitions

There are some other superstitions such as scratching a new car for good luck intentionally, tapping the sun visor past a yellow light, praying past a yellow light. If someone sneezes before you start driving, then they stop car or motorcycle. They think the work for which they are going will be failed.

After all this, it can be said that there are various types of superstitions prevalent in every society. Although there is not any proof behind them, yet peoples trust. But scientists say that we should be logical and should not follow things in this way.

Always follow traffic signs and regulations, doesn’t matter where you are driving. Life is precious, save it at every inch of movement.

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  1. That’s interesting that there are so many supserstitions. I have a friend that is learning to drive. I’ll have to tell him to not worry about those until he has the basics down.

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