Vehicle Theft Protection

Vehicle Theft Protection Guidelines

Protect Vehicle from Theft

Vehicle Theft Protection is a must for your vehicle as you have spent so much money on it. Theft of vehicles (both car and motorbike) is not a new one, it is coming since so long. There are some anti-social elements in society who do this and create panic among people. Since you have spent so much, so it is your duty to protect vehicles in different ways. You should know all the rules and regulations of driving as well.

Guidelines for Protecting Vehicle from Theft

There are so many vehicle theft protection guidelines which are as follows:

1. Always lock all windows and doors of your vehicle. For two-wheeler, use handle lock, string lock, etc.

2. Keep on the emergency brake or hand brake before leaving your vehicle. It will stop thieves to tow away your vehicle.

3. Never leave your car or motorbike running (engine start mode) while you go to a convenient store, ATM, etc.

4. Don’t keep extra keys inside or outside of your vehicle

5. Always park your vehicle in proper parking or parking with security guards.

6. Park your vehicle in the garage when you are at home.

7. Not to keep valuable things like jewelry, or left registration documents inside your vehicle, because this can attract thieves.

8. Keep checking your vehicle time to time if it is parked somewhere nearby. Just to make sure the vehicle is at its place.

9. Never trust strangers who seeking lift from you, they can harm you first and then hijack your vehicle.

10. Install GPS in your vehicle. In case it is stolen you can detect its location.

11. Put an audio alarm or siren in your vehicle for creating noise in case thief try to break the lock or touch it.

12. Use anti-theft devices such as floorboard lock, number locks, kill switches, steering wheel lock, tire locks.

13. Last but not least, get your vehicles fully insurance from the first-party insurer.

All the above guidelines and tips are to reduce the risks of theft and financial burden. You need to be careful while using your car or motorbike at public places. Never leave the vehicles unprotected even for one minute.

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