pros and cons of disc brakes

Pros and Cons of Disc Brakes

All the vehicle industry uses both disk brake and drums brake. The disc brake is the latest development over the conventional drum brake. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays around 70% of new vehicles are coming with disc brakes. The disc brake has more gripping power than drum brake. Let us discuss all the pros and cons of disc brakes.

What are the Pros and Cons of Disc Brakes?

Advantages of Disc Brake:

1. Strong Gripping Power

Disc brakes have more strong stopping and gripping power over the conventional drum brakes. They can create extra friction in the disc and decrease the movement of the wheel.

2. Better Working in Bad Weather Condition

In bad weather, disc brakes work well. They can dry soon and easily in case wet. Brakes gripping power remain the same even in the rainy season.

3. Easy to Clean

Disc brakes are easy to clean than drum brakes. In drum brake, the mechanic needs to open it completely. On the other hand, we can clean the disc easily.

4. No Heat-up

They are easy to control and needs less hand-press. In drum brakes, drivers need to press very hard to stop vehicles. Disc brakes do not heat-up due to in open. They become cool in a few seconds, in case they heat-up.

5. No Damage to Rim Like other Brakes

Another good point of disc brake is no damage on the wheel. For example, in rim brakes, when used every time make the surface rough. In disc one no issue like this.

Disadvantages of Disc Brake:

1. Slightly Costly than Others

Disc brakes are costly than drum brakes due to expensive round disc and gripping pads. But the cost is being reduced as the time passes. Currently, more than 60% of vehicles are using disc brakes.

2. Heavy Weight

Another weak point is its weight. They are heavier than their counterpart. In motorbike and cars, heavy parts always decrease mileage.

3. Difficult to Maintenance

Every driver cannot fix disc brakes at home. They need to get help from either from an agency or a special mechanic. The tools are also costly to keep.

4. Not Transferable

Another sad thing is non-transferable of disc brakes. We cannot transfer it to another vehicle. It means they cannot be used as a second hand.

In conclusion, disc brakes are stronger and safer in terms of stopping the vehicle quickly.

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