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Car Cleaning Tips and Ideas

Everybody like neat and clean things either it is a house, road, car, and motorbike, etc. You no need special training for car cleaning tips. You can wash at home with normal soap, detergent, or shampoo. Use soft cloth or sponge while scrubbing the surface. You can get your vehicle clean or wash at service stations. But you should be aware of the washing basics.

Car Cleaning Tips at Home

1. Check and Clean Under the Seats

Normally dust resides under the seats of the car and the spaces which are less accessible. First, you check under the seats and then clean it properly using suitable cloth. Some people use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning dust under the seats.

2. Clean the Hood/Bonnet

Bonnet is another place where dust and smoke stay. Due to engine working and dust in the air, you can see so much blackish dust on the engine and its surroundings. You can wash this area using soapy water as normal water cannot clean it. Throw water on this area if you have water bucket and mug. Use the water pump also. Make sure there are no legal restrictions on open car washing where you are living.

3. Wash Underneath of Car

The below part of the car is always prone to mud and dust. If raining reason then the things are worse. Dust and dirt eat metal or the body of the car with a reaction to environmental gases. That’s why we see rust on metal parts of vehicles. Wash this area using tap water with pressure or throw water with a mug.

4. Clean Headlights and Taillights

Another important area is the head/tail lights. We need them always especially night time or during the day as traffic signals. Clean them with soaking a cloth in water and then rub gently.

5. Clean Floor Mats of Car

Floor mats always have dust on them and under due to we keep feet on. You can clean them by picking up with your hand and then throw dirt outside. Always make sure your shoes are clean before getting in the car.

6. Use Mild Shampoo While Washing

Normally strong detergent or any washing chemical could fade the color of your car or motorbike over the years. These chemicals react against the property of color. So, use mild or baby shampoo for washing.

7. Examine Dickey of Car

Last but not least, dickey is a place where you put or carry so many things. It consists of tires of vehicle, tools, bags, shoes, etc. These things left dust there and made it unclean. Make sure the dickey is clean and remove unnecessary things therefrom. Don’t stuff dickey with useless things as it could affect car mileage.

Thus, keep your car or motorbike neat and clean. Spend some time on this and save your money as well.

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