causes of low mileage in cars

Causes of Low Mileage in Cars

Low mileage is a sign of under-performance of the vehicle. Everybody wants higher mileage for their car. But all the cars do not give the desired mileage. Together with, there are many reasons for low performance. The most important thing is how you are handling and maintaining your car. Are you getting it serviced at the proper time? Are you driving the car in the best way by following all traffic rules? Moreover, let’s discuss the causes of low mileage in cars.

What are the Causes of Low Mileage in Cars?

1. Frequent Use of Braking System

Many drivers use brakes many times or keep their foot on brake all the time. This put extra workload on engine pace and reduces the speed of a car. As a result, you get low mileage.

2. Using Low-Quality Fuels

Nowadays many fuel stations serve adulterated fuels for earning more money. Low-quality fuels increase friction on the piston and affect its smooth movement. Afterward, this leads to low performance of the car.

3. Low Pressure in Tires

Another cause is keeping low pressure in tires of a car. As a result, the low pressure reduces the engine working power to very low. It results sometimes overheating the entire engine very fast.

4. Not Changing Oil Periodically

This is another cause of low mileage in cars. This happens to the people who do not get the vehicle serviced at an appropriate time. Over the months, the engine oil becomes blackish and rough. Then it creates so much friction in internal parts of an engine and decreases overall performance.

5. Malfunctioning of Spark Plugs

In many cases, the spark plug does not work properly. Due to malfunction, it does not spark combustion in an engine or sometimes very poor combustion. Therefore, without proper combustion engine cannot perform to its maximum.

6. Driving on Short Distances or in Cities

Normally the engine gives better mileage on long-distance driving. Driving on short distances such as in cities does not attract high mileage. Drivers cannot speed up, need brake frequently, stop on light junctions, etc.

7. Bad Driving Style

This cause belongs to one of the driving mistakes. Bad driving habits comprise things like speeding up and down, unnecessary use of brake and clutch, overloading the car, etc.

How to Improve Car Mileage?

1. Always Use Good Quality Fuel

Use high-quality gas, petrol, and diesel for better mileage. Buy fuel from an authorized filling station. This will give a good smoothing functioning to the engine. Subsequently, you will get higher mileage.

2. Don’t Press Clutch and Brake Often

Drivers should not use brake and clutch frequently. Use them as the requirement arises. Don’t always keep your foot on the brake while driving. Hence, the engine only can work if you use brake and clutch fairly.

3. Get Your Car Serviced Timely

Drivers should go to an authorized car service agency as told in the service book. Never miss or late service schedules. During service, so many engine parameters are checked for better performance.

4. Car Gives Good Mileage at Long Drives

Generally, the car gives better mileage on long-distance drives. This is due to constant speed, and oil supply, no stoppage, etc. So, don’t bother about this cause. Keep your car up to date and in good health.

5. Keep Required Pressure in Tires

Maintain desired pressure in the tires of a car. Nowadays, peoples are preferring nitrogen in place of oxygen. Nitrogen is a cooler gas than oxygen. So, it is good for tires, especially in the hot summer season. Whatever nitrogen or oxygen, keep required pressure in tires.

6. Good Driving Style

To begin with, the most important factor is your driving style. How you are handling and driving the car. You should drive the car keeping in mind all traffic signs and rules, the health of an engine, road condition, one-way road or multi-lane roads, etc.

Thus, we have discussed many causes of low mileage in cars. And we too revealed the tips for improving the performance of the car.

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