reasons for low mileage in motorbikes

Reasons for Low Mileage in Motorbikes

Mileage is a working capacity and capability of vehicle engine after burning some certain quantity of petrol, diesel, and gas as fuels. Everyone wants good mileage for their scooters, motorcycles, and motorbikes, etc. But all the two-wheelers do not give satisfactory mileage due to various reasons. The following are some of the common reasons for low mileage in motorbikes.

Reasons for Low Mileage in Motorbikes

1. Low Tire Pressure

This is the main reason for low mileage in all type two-wheelers. Low pressure in tires put an extra burden on engine and decreases its working power.

2. Dry and Dirty Chain

Another cause is not cleaning motorbike rear-wheel chain attaching to the engine. Dirty and dry chain create extra friction and thus reduces the engine’s circling movements. As a result, motorbikes give low mileage.

3. Keeping Brakes Tight

If the brakes of your motorcycle are tight, it will try to stop the circling pace of engine. Subsequently, the engine will work under heavy pressure put by the braking system i.e. Disc Brake and Drum Brake. This can lead to overheating of the engine quickly.

4. Not Changing Oil for Long

Not changing engine oil for a long time is another reason for low mileage. Oil becomes dirty and blackish normally after 3 to 4 months. It happens due to the regular working of an engine.

5. Keep Using Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters also cause low mileage in two-wheelers. Air filters work as engine cooling devices. If the engine gets hot or over-heated, then it reduces its working capacity.

6. Use of Adulterated Fuels

Adulterated petrol, gas, and diesel also are reasons for low mileages. They directly hit the engine’s working power. When an engine burns fuel in the combustion chamber, cheap quality oil does not create a strong push towards the piston.

7. Improper Riding Style

It means overloading two-wheelers, changing gears frequently, speed up and down, etc. Driving your motorbike in this way leads to low mileage.

8. Bad Condition of Roads

Poor quality of roads also a reason for low mileage. On bad roads, motorists need to change gears again and again. This decreases engine working-power and increases fuel consumption also.

How to Get Better Mileage for Two-wheelers?

Everyone wants and tries to get maximum performance from their scooters, motorbikes, and motorcycles. To begin with, the aforesaid reasons are for low mileage. And now we discuss how to increase the mileage of two-wheelers. Answers are simple, just fix the above reasons. Besides this, the following are some of the tips for increasing mileage of motorbikes.

1. Don’t use clutch frequently

2. Keep required tire pressure

3. Don’t change gear again and again

4. Use the best quality fuels

5. Change engine oil normally after 3 or 4 months

6. Never drive with overloading (not more than 2 persons on bikes)

7. Drive mostly in a higher gear

8. Always get service from an authorized service center

Thus, there are many reasons for low mileage in two-wheelers. Peoples can fix this by following some mechanical tips told above. In addition to, take care of the health of your motorbike same as you keep yours. In brief, always follow traffic signals and regulations for the good of you, vehicle and everyone.

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