traffic signs
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Traffic Signs and Symbols

Cautionary Road Signs:

Give Way

Men at Work

School Ahead or Nearby


Falling Rocks


Cross Road

Gap In Median

Side Road Right

Side Road Left

T Intersection

Y Intersection

Y Intersection-right

Y Intersection-left

Major Road Ahead


Staggered Intersection-right

Staggered Intersection-left

Pedestrian Crossing

Right Hand Curve

Left Hand Curve

Barrier Ahead

Dangerous Dip

Hump or Rough Road Ahead

Steep Descent

Steep Ascent

Left Reverse Bend

Right Reverse Bend

Left Hair-Pin Bend

Right Hair-Pin Bend

Narrow Road Ahead

Wide Road Ahead

Narrow Bridge Ahead

Loose Gravel

Cycle Crossing

Dual Carriage Way Ends

Guarded Railway Level Crossing

Slippery Road Ahead

Unguarded Railway Crossing

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