RTO Mock Test 7

Test Your Knowledge (25 Questions)

The maximum permitted speed of a motor car on national highway in the state is-
You can overtake a vehicle through the left side if-
What is defensive driving?
You hold a learner’s license for motorcycle.
The maximum permissible speed of a motorcycle is.
The road on which driving in reverse gear is prohibited, are
All motor vehicles must be covered by-
Overtaking is prohibited when-
The signal represents.

If drunken driving is detected, the driver is liable to be punished with?
The signal represents.

The signal represents.

What type of horn is permitted?
The signal represents.

A vehicle can be seized by authorized officers, if
The only vehicle which is permitted to be driven at a speed exceeding 60 km/hr is-
Before starting the engine of a vehicle, you should-
What is “Tail-gating”?
The minimum distance to be kept from the vehicle going in front is-
What does the blinking red traffic light mean?
If the road is marked with broken white lines, you-
What is meant by the stop line?
While a vehicle entering a main road from a branch road, the driver shall give preference.
When the yellow light at an intersection appear on the signal light, the driver of an approaching vehicle should-
The number of passengers permitted to be taken in private vehicle is recorded in the-

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