Learn driving in ground

Driving in Ground is Necessary for Learning

Importance of Groundwork in Driving

It does not matter either you are learning two-wheeler or four-wheeler, driving in-ground is necessary and must for learners. In this case, many driving schools do not give importance to it. They are thinking of it a wastage of time. According to Motorbike Driving School, groundwork is a must for every learner. Why do we emphasize on it? In short, this is to avoid any casualty or mishappening.

What Does Our Groundwork Include?

Besides, starting from the very first day, we take 2 to 3 classes in the ground. During this time you are told all the basics of two-wheeler and related technical points. You will learn all the points such as:-

  1. How to ignite the engine?
  2. How to park a bike?
  3. How to move after ignition the bike?
  4. How to start and stop two-wheeler?
  5. Detail of indicators
  6. Details of Road Signs
  7. How to drive in a zig-zag way?
  8. How to speed up and speed down?
  9. How to turn left and right?
  10. How to go through the depression on land?
  11. Details of the roundabout
  12. Parking tips
  13. The practices of driving with a pillion rider
  14. How to start two-wheeler using a kick?
  15. Details of Driving Licences
  16. And all the tips and points about real roads driving

Driving is a Process Starting from Ground to Road

For example, in Motorbike Driving School, after 2 to 3 days you are taken to local roads with less traffic. Here you will practice in less traffic before actually going on heavy traffic roads. After 2 or 3 days, we allow you to drive on full traffic roads. In addition to this, you will practice traffic rules and regulations in a real sense and practically. All the theoretical and technical points you are told will be applied here. During this time, you are becoming a real driver and gaining confidence. As a result, on 6th or 7th day, you will feel confident and ready to drive alone.

Thus, this is the entire course the Motorbike Driving School teaches to its valuable customers. Furthermore learning driving in the ground is better than starting on the road on the very first day.

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