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Driving License Fees in Chandigarh

After we put so much hard work and time in learning driving, we get a driving license. Government or any other issuing authority has decided some certain fees for licenses. Driving license fees in Chandigarh are different for various vehicles same as that of driving school fees. Persons need to update these fees after the expiry of certain years. The fees may be different from state to state throughout India. Take a look at the license and concerned fees.

What is Driving License Fees in Chandigarh?

The fees for various type of two, three or four vehicles is as follows:

Driving License Service Fees Fees (in Rs.)
Learner’s License 950/- for Single Class of Vehicle

Note: 450/- additional fee per extra class of vehicle.

Regular License Taken in advance with Learners License fees
Duplicate License 420/-
Renewal of Driving License 420/-
Addition of another class of vehicle 1020/-
Replacement/Alteration in Driving License 420/-
International Driving Permit 1000/-
New Conductor’s License 135/-
Renewal of Conductor’s License 140/-
Duplicate Conductor’s License 140/-
Replacement/ Alteration in Conductor’s License 140/-
Driving License renewal after the expiry of a grace period 1520/-
Driving License renewal after 5 years after expiry of a grace period 1520/- + Late fee after the expiry of DL w.e.f. 29/12/2016 1000/-

Late fee prior to 29/12/2016 50/- per year

Info Source: RLA, Chandigarh

Note: The fees are subjected to change any time as per the issuing authority.

The fees for Driving License may vary from state to state in India. You can check the concerned website of the respective states. License holders need to renew it before the expiry of due dates. If not, then you will be fined some certain amount. There are some taxes and fees for registration of different vehicles both new and old ones. You can check this too on the respective websites of the RLA/STA.

Thus, these are different fees revealed above. Keep all the documents of your vehicle up to date for avoiding any hindrances. Always drive safely.

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