learn how to ride a bicycle

Learn How to Ride A Bicycle

Bicycle, cycle or bike is a human or pedal-driven vehicle. This is the first vehicle everyone learns to drive in childhood. Bicycle is a common memory attached to school days. Some people become professional cyclists in later life. Whatever, everyone ride cycle at some point of time in life. In addition to this, we teach our kids to drive a bicycle. Basically, riding a bicycle is an act of making balance. This needs some tips and practice. Learn how to ride a bicycle.

Learn How to Ride A Bicycle

Read and learn to ride a bicycle step by step in the following ways.

1. Corresponding Height of Bicycle and You

Buy or choose a bicycle according to your height. Then before starting, adjust its seat so that you can touch your feet on the ground. Only keep the seat low until you touching feet on the ground.

2. Practice in Ground with a Slope

Select an open ground for the learning cycle. If there is a slight slope in the ground, it is better while learning. The flat surface is also okay. Learning on a slope, you no need to drag cycle the same as on flat.

3. Start with Foot Work

Try to move cycle either using feet or say someone to push slowly from behind. This is like you are walking by seating on a cycle.

4. Drive Straight and Use of Brakes

Learn using brakes and drive straight in the beginning. After sometimes, try to turn bicycle left or right at the same time touching feet on the ground.

5. Make Balance Sans Foot-work

Try sometime, lift your legs off the ground. See, can you make balance without touching feet on the ground. Keep eyes straight while doing so.

6. Start Pedaling Slowly

After you learn to make balance, start pedal work slowly. In the start half-pedaling then full cycle. Keep practice this for 2 to 3 days.

7. Ride on Less Busy Roads to Remove Fears

After a few days, try to ride on less busy roads. By doing so, your riding fear and nervousness will go away. It will give you confidence in public places.


Thus, after following these main points, either you can learn to ride a bicycle or teach other kids. The learning process takes 10 to 15 days depending on your skills, understanding, and practice. Always wear a helmet while riding a bicycle.

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