what are the different types of parking

What are the Different Types of Parking?

Parking is a place for residing in any type of vehicle for certain times. The parking lots have different sizes and types. Therefore, they should be well designed and planned for handling most of the vehicles. We need these places so that people do not park on roads or at any place. All cities have different types of parking. Know, what are the different types of parking?

What are the Different Types of Parking?

​​​​​​​​​​1. Ground Floor Parking – It is a parking place suitable for everyone. This simple, efficient and cost-effective parking generally. Besides this for smooth working, it should be near the street and roads.

2. ​​​Above-ground Parking – The parking remains above the ground due to certain reasons. Together with, it includes a rocky ground surface, and high-water table, etc.

3. Mechanized Parking – It consists of stacking and automated parking types. In this case, automation technology is the main key to handle things around. So, it is suitable for urban areas to save spaces.

4. Multi-story Parking – It is a parking structure with multi-levels. This one has huge capacity to handle vehicles. Furthermore, the parking lot should keep away from the main road and street to skip traffic jams.

5. Sleeved Parking (multi-story) – This comprises multi-level structures with parts. The offices and residences use the external edges of it. Compared to others, it has big capacity to resides in vehicles.

6. Semi-basement Parking – It is a place of parking below ground level. It may be a covered structure or a partial basement.

7. Surface Parking – This is parking with open from above or not covered with any structures. As a result, it can provide a cost-effective way of parking in comparison to other types.

8. Undercroft Parking – This is an unenclosed place below the footprint of a building. In particular, it is good for sloping topography areas and low to medium density places.

9. Underground Parking – It is big or small parking below the ground level. Together with, space may be covered with the structure above.

Ways of Parking

1. Straight Forward Car Parking

2. Straight Backward Car Parking

3. 90 Degree Forward Car Parking

4. 90 Degree Backward Car Parking

5. Parallel Car Parking

6. Reverse Car Parking

Thus, the following are the types and ways of vehicle parking. All the parking lots are made as per the local requirements of the place and public. To begin with, civil engineers should design parking in such a way that it can provide freeflow movement to all. Generally, local authority makes the parking in markets and near residential areas. Hence, People should also cooperate with parking authorities.

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  1. Car parking is an essential aspect of urban and suburban infrastructure, playing a crucial role in managing vehicular traffic and ensuring the efficient use of available space. As cities continue to grow and the number of vehicles on the roads increases, the importance of well-designed and strategically located parking facilities becomes even more apparent.

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