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Electric Vehicles and Slow Growth

Electric Vehicles are one of the interesting technologies in the modern world. They are environment-friendly. But the question is why they are growing slowly despite having the technology. People still are not buying electric vehicles due to some certain reasons. They prefer to buy traditional vehicles. There are so many reasons due to the electric vehicles still haven’t taken off.

Causes of Electric Vehicles Slow Growth

1. Performance of Electric Vehicles

The performance of electric cars and motorbikes is less than the traditional ones. The pick-up is not high and cannot speed up on the highway. Sometimes the battery dies at such a place of which you cannot expect. Electric vehicles cannot give you the desired performance in hilly areas. Imagine for a while of a sports car race in cutting edge mountains.

2. Charging Time of Battery

There is a big gap in filling oil and charging a battery. Normally fueling at a station takes three to five minutes and that of charging battery one to three hours. In some cases, the battery charging time is six to eight hours. This can make you boring sitting in vehicle till battery fully charged.

Some of the manufacturers in the electric vehicles industry doing very well and improved battery charging time. Yet the desired level is still to go miles.

3. Number of Charging Stations

Companies are making electric vehicles despite less available infrastructure for charging stations. On the other hand, fuel stations are abundant almost every kilometer. The automobile companies also cannot afford to charge stations everywhere. This is a big drawback.

4. Travel Time in Single Battery Charge

Another problem is the range and total miles is single battery charging. This is approximately 50 to 60 miles in a single charge of the battery. We need to here and there so many times for small-small works in our busy lifestyle.

5. Cost of Battery Replacement

Normally after a few years, electric vehicles require battery replacement. And the cost of it is very high. This is around Rs.34000/- to Rs.58000/- for an electric car. The cost is too high to afford for an average person.

Electric Vehicle is Environment-Friendly

6. Installing Charging Station at Home

Other expenses are the installing charging stations at home for charging during night-time. But the installation cost is very high. It is approximately Rs.100,000/- for all types of equipment and it is not affordable generally.

7. Simple Style of Electric Vehicles

This is a minor reason but still deserves attention. The shape and styles of the vehicles are not catchy enough compare to traditional vehicles. But it may be in future the style improves.

8. Affordable Prices of Gas, Petrol, and Diesel

Everybody is busy in today’s world. People normally find easy life and things in the reach of pockets. The price of gas, petrol, and diesel is more affordable than that of charging a battery.

9. Cost of Electric Vehicles

Battery operated vehicles are more costly and not cost-effective vis-a-vis traditional vehicles. Along with the cost of an electric vehicle, you need to spend on charging, installation cost, replacement cost, etc.

The bottom line is, as of now electric vehicles are costly and beyond the reach of a common person. But it doesn’t mean the new clean technology is useless. As time passes, people will be used to of these vehicles and adjust accordingly. This year India Government has relaxed taxes on electric cars and motorbikes for promoting this green technology.

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