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    How Do We Train You?

    1. We teach you in starting from the ground then as your confidence level increases you are taken to roads.
    2. We use Activa or motorbike for driving training.
    3. You are taught how to drive with yourself alone and a person with you sitting behind.
    4. All the technical points are told at the beginning and every day before starting.
    5. You are said to drive in the clockwise, anti-clockwise and zig-zag way in the ground.
    6. You are trained that how to take left, right turn, U-turn, park your vehicle, crossing roundabout, drive on flyover, drive in hilly areas, drive in rush, light junction, collision avoidance, vehicle controls, hazard avoidance, emergency skills, bad weather driving skills, hair-pin bands, safety tips, night driving, highway driving, driving in rain, etc.
    7. You are taken on full traffic roads during the course.
    8. We will teach you driving in such a way that you can pass both the Learners Licence (Computer Test) and Regular Licence (Driving Test).
    9. Overall, our two-wheeler driving training is Licence oriented. After the course is completed you will drive safely and confidently on roads.
    10. You can also drive your two-wheeler during the training if you think so, I will let you drive.
    11. All the students are given 100% attention during the course.

    Note: Keep following my driving instructions attentively. I’m sure you will learn two-wheeler driving in 7 to 10 days and four-wheeler in 12 to 15 days. I will take you to that much level of confidence to drive on roads safely.

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