Bike Combo Full Course


Learn both Scooty and Motorcycle in 7 to 10 days from Professional Instructors.

Learn both gearless and geared bikes (light-weight) in 7 to 10 days. We start training from the ground by making balance. Normally, half the course (75km) will be completed on a Scooty (Activa) and the rest of the half course (75km) will be on a Motorcycle (Splendor+). All the driving skills will be taught while training every day. Our training ways are license-oriented and helpful in building self-confidence.

Course Length: (150km)

Note 1: The course is recommended for all freshers or new learners.
Note 2: First half-course will be on a gearless bike (Activa) and the rest on a geared bike (Splendor).
Note 3: There will be a 150km full course for training.

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